For a while, I’ve been writing notes to myself on coding. I have a notebook filled with ideas and in some cases calculations. I felt is was about time to start putting this material online, in case I should lose those notes, and in case anyone else was interested.

Beginning to blog


When it first occurred to me that I could putting my notes out into the public domain, my mind immediately turned to creating systems to manage drafts, processes for transforming ideas into fully-formed posts, and creating a blog that would display all the posts neatly to the world whilst remaining easy to manage.

I found after a while that I’d been distracted from typing up the notes and getting them out there. I was fiddling with Bash scripts and Git branches, trying to think up a system. And I was avoiding making a decision about whether I ought to put my posts on Blogger or WordPress or Tumblr, or use Ghost, or write my own platform.

In the end (or rather the beginning), I decided it was time to just get my notes up. I started by using as it seems to have the lowest barrier to entry (so I could get on with writing), relies on Dropbox (which I already use to sync notes across machines), and uses MarkDown (which seems like the least fussy way to simply get writing).

It’s also a flat-file system which makes it ridiculously easy to manage in terms of versioning.

What next?

I’ll continue to write and post for for now and will eventually evaluate it against my requirements as they emerge.