I’ve just pushed version v0.0.5 of my blogging workflow to my blogging workflow GitHub repository and thought I’d take a moment to record what I’ve done.

Republishing is easy (for now)

I mentioned in a previous post on creating SEO-friendly slugs that I wanted to tidy up the way publishing happens and enable an easy way to republish.

With v0.0.5, I have set up archive.sh so that it looks for date.txt in a draft folder to add the date to the metadata. If it cannot find date.txt it creates it so that one can publish without having to set a date and time automatically.

By moving this function from autoscrp.sh I’ve effectively “centralised” date handling. It also means I can run autoscrp.sh to republish a post from the archive without overwriting the date or time (though I can still manually change this in date.txt should I choose to).

What next?

At some point I may want to publish to more than one platform or channel. While the centralisation of date handling will help with this, I will not want to have to execute a script (like autoscrp.sh) for every single channel I want to republish to; at some point I want to allow for parameters or arguments in publish.sh that allow me to publish from the archive rather than just the drafts folder.